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Welcome to Zalongwa




To become a model of a leading IT Company in East and Central Africa through utilization of Free and Open Source Software Technologies. The company targets public sector systems but is not limited to private sectors as well.

Achieving Complete Satisfaction to our Customers. The vision is guided by four wisdom words:Successful programs are built on trends, Be honest, Talk to the emotion, Get a place in the consumer’s mind.

To explain, the current trend is web enabled information systems, zalongwa adopt this. All our cutting edge solutions are webbased systems including the company's flagship, ZALONGWA SOFTWARE PROGRAM. We are honest software development company. For example, no exagrated development costs or margnified customer problems in order to pull large sum of money; we talk to emotional customers, for most of our customers do not have experience with IT solutions especially students; and finally we try and in many cases were able to satify our customers before they ask us, that is to say, we read their minds!

.... life is so much easy when you can see where every thing is ... we make your information as transpalent as possible for you to see!

Contact us

  • Add: P.O.Box 70893, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.
    Boko Beach, Bagamoyo Road, Kinondoni District.
  • Tel: (+255) 222 630 602; Mob: (+255) 784 313 200
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