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LAMP: 3 days

A Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) Course covers installation, configuration, and backup recovery of Apache Webserver, MySQL database management System and PHP on Linux Server. Specifically the course will cover the following content on Apache, MySQL and PHP:

(a) Apache Web Server: Installing and running Apache, Configuring Apache with httpd.conf Configuring httpd.conf for Perl and PHP; and Serving multiple Sites with Virtual Hosts.

(b) MySQL: Obtaining, installing, configuring and running MySQL; MySQL logging and log files; SQL for MySQL and the Command Line Utility; phpMyadmin GUI MySQL Administrator; Priviledges in MySQL; MySQL backup and recovery; The ODBC Connector

(c) PHP: Introduction to PHP (History, Comparison with other alternatives scripting language, tools and setup, and creating a basic PHP Script); Taking User Input from Forms via PHP; Variables and Expressions in PHP; PHP Operators; Conditional Tests and Events in PHP (selection and iterations); PHP Flow Control; PHP Configuration; Storing Data in Arrays using PHP; Handling Databases with PHP with special emphasis on MySQL; String Manipulation in PHP; Sessions and Cookies in PHP; File and Directory Access Using PHP; Other I/O Issues in PHP; Handling Email with PHP; Object Orientation in PHP; SOAP; PEAR, PECL and Smarty; Graphics in PHP

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