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SARIS Software

Student Academic Register Information System (SARIS) is the flagship of the company. Now serving Mission Critical Student Records at the most prestigious Higher Learning Institutions in Tanzania. See some screen shots

                                      Online Zalongwa Academic Register Software


   Login Screen of SARIS



Creating Transcript,  you only need  to enter Student Registration Number and Print PDF!

SARIS is a web enabled database driven system which will fulfil the following core functional requirements:

1 Nominal Roll: The system ensure updated nominal roll for all students in the Institute. Registrar should be able to search, retrieve, add and edit student records using the system. The system is able to inform admitted students and registered students. That is to say at any time, the system detect ghost students (students selected to join the institute, but who did not join/register for any course of study)

2 Class Size: The system allow students to register for courses on-line, hence lecturers and examination office in particular should be able to tell class sizes of each  course of the Institute.

3 Examination Records Storage and Retrieval: The system should track       student performance, throughput and output at several levels, course level,
department level, and Faculty level. The system should present internet based ‘black-sheet forms’ which will allow all lecturers to add/edit examination results of their respective courses and save the results to the database. Academic Coordinator should control alteration of examination records once submitted to the database.

4 Student Records Search and Retrieval: The system should enable
searching and retrieving individual examination results and demographic          records of each student.

5 Information Publication: The system should enable all students to access
their course registration, course schedules, electronic teaching materials,          examination results and financial reports  through the Internets. The system should be designed in such a way that, students should access their own records and that a person not registered in the college should not be able to create account or access any student record in the system.  Finally, the system should allow the possibility of blocking users, staff and students from accessing records in the database. A blocked user should not be able to open new account using their own official identity cards.

6 Accommodation Service: The system should help to manage student halls
of residents by tracking students’ room application and allocation. The system must ensure that no single student is allocated twice and no single room is overloaded. The system also should handle caution fee and room rents in order to tell how much has been collected and manage student caution fee refunds.

7 E-Voting: The system should implement an online student e-voting in order
to enable free and transparent student election. Since all students will be registered in the database, the system should ensure smooth online e-voting during student government election.

8 E-Learning: The system should implement an electronic publishing of lecture notes. The rationale here is that only registered students should be able to access online lecture notes.


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