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Secure Socket Layer

Zalongwa Technologies Limited has invested on Internet Programming. We focus on Internet Database Driven Systems. However, this may scare users who are much concern with security of their data.

Specifically, you may be worried that when uploading and downloading exam results at home or internet café at Kariakoo, somebody might be watching your data, say ‘wire tapping’ the communication lines. Zalongwa ensures that when one upload/download exam results, the data must not be sent as clear text on the communication lines. It is secured with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which encrypts all submitted information online. SSL is the current cutting edge technology designed to secure online sensitive data from password authentication to e-commerce credit card payment systems.

Zalongwa also automatically closes its connection to the Server after a period of inactivity (when you forget to logout and rash to a meeting). Nothing to worry your data are safe in zalongwa databases


Examples of websites which are using SSL technology:

1.0   Yahoo! Mail – www.mail.yahoo.com (this will take you to the login page at https://login.yahoo.com/config/login_verify2?&.src=ym

2.0   Most webmail systems  - https://webmail.uio.no/src/login.php  or https://email.secureserver.net/login.php

3.0   Internet Banking Systems   - https://nettbetaling.bbs.no/sekot/logon.do , (also see at NBC Ltd -https://direct.nbctz.com/netbanking/RetailLogin.html

4.0  Student Records Systems in developed countries - https://studweb.uio.no/

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